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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi everyone
It's a gorgeous crisp day here in Colorado. I've been procrastinating for a week to write my story of my scientists, so now I'm finally doing it.

I met David (scientist/researcher/doctor) through my girlfriend that also has MS. He was looking for MSers that tested positive to the parvo virus. I tested negative. A few months later, in a crazed mood to be cured, I called David and said I know I didn't qualify for his study but could he introduce me to the people in stem cell research, as he pointed them out to me when I went to meet him. He said he would BUT before I do that he thought he had something that might help me. A few months later I was taking some type of gold liquid, twice a day. I started walking more with my walker, got up to 1000 feet a day. After 6 months it stopped being effective and I slowly went back to where I was, 50 feet a day. From that he got lots of info from my blood tests. That was three years ago. He has now made a pill that is back at the FDA for approval for human trials. He has completed the animal testing. The rats were given EAE, crippled with the MS virus and after a month of this drug were up and running. I will be the first one to try this drug once the FDA gives approval. It appears safe and no side effects. That's my hope for 2007.

David's friend, an Immunologist, has been giving me IVIG treatments, every 3 wks for three days for a year and a half. They both believe MS is an immune system gone nuts and are trying to get mine to act normal. I totally believe in these two men and feel so blessed to have found them, by accident.

They both attended ECTRIMS in Madrid, Spain and will have new things to try when I get back to them. No thanks to my insurance screw ups. I am a volunteer with David but I use insurance with the Immunologist. So much hope for the coming year, and Tysabri too. Both doctors have told me for years, Tysabri is a good drug.

Hope your all doing well.


At 6:29 AM, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Wow ... your own personal research team. How lucky can a person get!?

At 4:37 PM, Blogger Karyl said...

I feel very blessed.


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