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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hi everyone,
My second post, woohoo. lol I hope to help, educate, inform, entertain and explain MS and how it has affected my life, from my perspective, with my innate sense of humor. I hope I don't offend anyone and if I do please let me know. Please be kind.

Last Thursday, my husband came home from work and handed me a package for our new insurance, NEW INSURANCE???? His company cancelled Cigna and went with Kaiser and it was effective Oct 1, yes, that's today. I instantly panicked as I have been with the same doctors, Internist, Neurologist, Gyno, hospitals, for 14 years and now I can't see any of them? AND the prescriptions? And how do I pick a doctor I don't know? AND the prescriptions? And where is the hospital I now have to go to? AND the prescriptions? Will I be able to get Tysabri? AND the prescriptions? OK, you get the picture.

Having MS does not help this situation. I panicked because for one thing I don't get around well and to fill out all the forms is hard to do, my printing is second grade at best, then to get used to a whole different staff and explain my situation to a whole new crew. It somewhat overloaded me. Do ya think?

Now I've calmed down and have read the brochure, filled out the applications, picked out my PCP, innee-minnie-minee-mo. I guess it's really not an issue. I've been trying to get Tysabri and finally was approved and waiting for an appointment, so I guess I'll just start over. I might have over reacted, perhaps some of the effects of MS or any chronic disease. I will be glad when it's gone, good riddance.

Tomorrow, I will work on getting an appointment with my new PCP, picking a neuro and finding out where their infusion center is and if they are enrolled in TOUCH program. I've got a list of my prescriptions to take to my new PCP. I hope things go smoothly and will let you know.
Hugs to my blog buddies,


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna like this blog, you make me laugh and nothing about MS makes me laugh. Larry

At 12:40 PM, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Followed you here from Lauren's blog. Stalker? Me? Naw. Anyways, your insurance woes ... good luck with that, these things can be rather frustrating. can you go to the library and check out an old-fashioned manual typewriter?

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Karyl said...

Yeah, I could do that, but that would make my paperwork nice, neat and readable. I want them to try to figure out what I write. And to suffer doing it. I am part bitch.

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russia - forever!


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