Life with MS, seeking a cure

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm still around, no falls since I last wrote, so that's a good thing. Had a quiet Thanksgiving, I don't have much family. Just my hubby, son and daughter. My 21 yr old son came home from college with a 90 pound pit bull. My three cats freaked. Amazingly, he is the most well behaved, loveable dog I've seen. I feel bad calling him Killer dog before I met him. Shame on me.

I'm going to get my port flushed Monday to keep it open for when I start Tysabri in January. I've been off the IVIG for two months and I feel I'm a little worse. I have great hope for Tysabri.


Friday, November 10, 2006

I so hate this disease, I can't tell you how much.

Today was a day from hell, sorta. I got up early and went directly to the shower, thought I was doing so good. Then I got out, I usually sit on the toilet, rest and get dressed and then go to my recliner. Today, I thought I would try to get out of the shower, NOT REST, and go directly to my recliner. BAD IDEA. I got about two feet from the recliner was turning around and my feet got totally fatigued, wouldn't move for nothing. BOOM, I went down. All I could think is crap, I can't break anything I don't have insurance. I landed and was dizzy and just rested while I cooled down. My cats all kept me company. After 30 minutes of relaxing naked on the floor I did the 911. They were here soon and again I worship these paramedics. So professional to the disabled and naked. They got me to my recliner. I am just a little stiff and ackey tonight. I didn't even cry today, usually I do just from the embarrassment, today, nothing. I'm getting used to it I guess. Still VERY frustrating.

I talked to David yesterday, he doesn't sound to excited about when if ever I'll get his drug. Makes me wonder but I still believe in him. There are a lot of new drugs soon to come out. I'm going to try them all.

I've had a horrible time trying to post here and I miss my ole buddy Michael, where did you go?